Driving simulator for a category 5 forklift
designed and distributed by Audace Digital Learning

A VR headset + a simulation station

Turnkey solution
for learning and improving

VR headset + Simulation Station

Training in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Driving practice in virtual immersion 

To learn to drive an control the risks. Several scenarios simulate the real life conditions of practice in a logistic warehouse . 

Phase 2: Driving analysis 

To approve the theoriticak knowledge of the trainee.

In standard version, the simulator integrates the following scenarios:

  • Getting started with controls
  • Driving in a warehouse,
  • Gerbage/dégerbage en palettier,
  • Rack de type sprinkler, pinking, buffer AGVl.

Recording and analysis : restitution and saving of results

The tutor can follow the learner and edit his results. The profile remains saved to measure its progress on the next pass.


  • Learners in initial training for category 5 ;
  • Forklift operators in recycling a category 5 forklift  ;
  • Category 5 forklift operators with little  practice and having to intervene urgently
  • Category 5 forklift operators having to prepare a specific mission.

Under the supervision of a trainer authorized to provide a category 5 training to a company / industry personnel


  • Approvement of the forklift operators’ skills 
  • Learning to drive in addition to real machine training
  • Recycling of the category 3 forklift training 
  • Security : Risk management training 
  • Productivity : Forklift driving training in a given time



  • Checklist and handling of the vehicle:  The driver discovers his vehicle and each of the controls. The software is adapted to each of the means of driving (simulated or real).
  • Challenge mission: a mission mixing several stacking/unstacking actions on different zones, with predefined hazards.
  • Stacking/unstacking missions of a load in a stack or in a pallet rack. (ex: sprinkler rack, AGV buffer sprinkler rack, AGV buffer, picking racks).
  • Risk demonstration mission:
    – Passing through a door with a raised mast
    – Passing through a puddle of liquid”.

These missions allow a forklift operator to experience an accident, so that he knows the risks of not respecting the safety instructions.


The scenarios were created to understand safe driving and react to risks (integration of incidents).


The simulation allows the trainee to practice working safely during missions with a given time.


Games against Artificial Intelligence (inspired by the classics : Power 3, Minesweeper, Bomber, Candy Crush) allow you to improve the stacking and unstacking  while having fun.

Simulator Composition

The simulator is mounted on casters to facilitate its movement. To facilitate its transport, the simulator is delivered folded. The screen(s), the training PC and the accessories are stored in a dedicated secure box, located at the back of the seat. 

Components of the standard (mobile) model
  • Steering column, fork controls and pedals in line with reality.
  •  VR headset or 43 inch screen.
  •  Trainer PC.
  •  Intuitive software: easy and quick to learn by the trainee, without intervention of the trainer.
  • Start-up guide .
Bonus : 
  • Optional: dynamic seat on jacks
  • 4 directional wheels

possible customizations

option 1

in your environment
of work

Modeling your work environment:

✓ Adaptation of the type of trolley, type of load (pallets, rolls, coils, packages, bulk, barrels, containers, etc.), type of pallet rack, type of environment (cold, factory, charterer, etc.) and other objects specific to your activity.

✓ Photo and video tracking, measurement of dimensions, then 3D modeling faithful to your working environment

option 2

Creation of scenarios tailored

Adapting scenarios according to your production requirements and in accordance with your safety specifications:

✓ Our training engineering teams formalize a synopsis per mission, which you validate.

✓ Our teams of digital directors and engineers configure the simulator for a unique and totally efficient personalized experience.

Other possible version

The reconditioned cart

Give a second life to your logistics trolleys and transform them into innovative training tools!

Audace Digital Learning adapts its virtual reality piloting simulator to driving a C5 front forklift to any carcass of a cart.