Fire extinction simulator
designed and distributed by Audace Digital Learning and Wi-Consulting

E-learning training on tablet + simulation station

Turnkey solution
for fire extinction training

A necessary training course to work safety:

WI Consulting company has been a specialized supplier in the commercialization of products and fire starting solutions for 15 years. With its expertise in its field, it designed a virtual reality fire simulator, whose it entrusted the development to Audace digital learning. The simulator is distributed by either company: WI Consulting or Audace Digital Learning.

With our innovative fire simulator, you will realize safely your practical fire training, without consumable and in a realistic environment. In total immersion, you will be able to physically handle real extinguishers reproduced in real time in the virtual environment.

The training allows an effective evaluation of the interns intervention; it generates a passage certificate. Available in three languages: French, English and Dutch.


  • Initial training: All ages / All types of businesses
  • Recycling: employees who have already received training in fire safety (handling of fire extinguishers and evacuation management).

Learning goals

  • Being able to react during a fire outbreak
  • Knowing the essential evacuation rules: alarm signal, routes and conduct to take to achieve an evacuation
  • personnel designation: missions, techniques and evacuation instructions (evacuation officer, guides…)
  • Attempting a fire extinction using a fire extinguisher
  • Isolating the risks and calling for help


Teaching the commissioning and the manipulation of the three types of extinguishers AB, B and ABC (weight, size, duration of use, color, and realistic silkscreens).

Fire intervention training in various scenarios (solid, liquefiable solid and electrical cabinet)

  • Trash fire
  • Brake pad fire
  • Electrical panel fire

The VR fire simulator scenarios are interspersed by physical interactions which bring the interns to the following actions:

  • To push on the alarm
  • To unhook an extinguisher of its fixing
  • To remove the cotter pin
  • Collide with the extinguisher
  • To point the extinguisher at the ground and to make a test run
  • To get into position at the proper distance
  • To aim for the flame base
  • To sweep the fire away
  • To ensure that the fire doesn’t start again
  • To evacuate the place to the emergency exit
  • To call the emergency services


  • Teaching the attack distances and the fire restart risks
  • Real interaction between the fire and the act of the intern with effects on the flame, the crackling and the smoke generated by the fire

Simulator composition

Easy to transport basic kit simulator

Standard simulator composition:

  • 1 VR fire simulator licence
  • 1 laptop VR graphics card
  • 1 helmet + 2 VR joystick + VR 2 beacons
  • 2 tripod over the shoulder
  • 1 set of hygienic protection helmet x100
  • 1 audio headset
  • 1 set of cabling
  • 1 memory stick of reinstallation
  • 1 basical kit transport suitcase (with pre-cut foam)


Integral kit = basical kit with:

2 extinguishers
(2 different module: Co2 and water + hearing)

3 Trackers
3 supports

Adaptation system
for VR extinguisher trigger
1 suitcase with wheels
for extinguishers
(with pre-cut foam)

possible customizations