Forklift driving simulator
designed and distributed by Audace Digital Learning

E-learning training on tablet + simulator

Turnkey solution
for learning and improving
forklift driving

“Safe Driving” e-learning training

4 steps training

Step 1: e-learning module

To allow the learner to master the basic knowledge. App delivered on Android tablet.

Step 2: Evaluation quiz

To validate the theoretical knowledge of the learner.

Step 3: Virtual Immersion Driving Practice

To learn to drive and control risks. Several scenarios simulate the actual practice conditions in a logistics warehouse.

Step 4: Driving Analysis

To evaluate the driving. Issue of a detailed educational report.

An ultra-realistic immersion for real driving experience

In standard version, the simulator integrates the following scenarios:

  • Driving in a warehouse,
  • Stacking / unstacking in stack and pallet rack,
  • Loading / unloading truck.

Course registration and analysis: restitution and saving of results

The tutor can follow the learner and edit his results. The profile remains saved to measure learner progress to next pass.


  • Learners in initial CACES® R489 category 3 forklift driving training
  • Forklift drivers in CACES® R489 catégorie 3 recycling training;
  • CACES® R489 catégorie 3 Forklift drivers having practiced little and must intervene urgently
  • CACES® R489 catégorie 3 Forklift drivers having to prepare specific mission

Under tutelage of a qualified CACES® R489 catégorie 3 trainer.

Learning goals

Skills Validation to become a forklilft driver

  • Forklilft driving training in addition to a training on real-life gear;
  • Forklilft driving recycling (with or without complement on real machine);
  • Security: risk management training;
  • Productivity: forklilft driving training in a given time.



Several driving scenarios with and without load:

  • Forklift discovery (controls…)
  • Driving without load in the forward direction
  • Driving without load in reverse
  • Risk management of overturning –
  • Quality check (load plate)
  • Simple loading and unloading
  • Stacking and unstacking of two loads
  • Stacking and unstacking of three loads
  • Loading and unloading a pallet rack
  • Loading and unloading of different vehicles with a load
  • loading and unloading a truck or a train with two loads
  • Handling a long, high or bulky load


The scenarios were created to train in safe driving and to react to risks (incident integration).


Simulation allows the learner to achieve missions in a given time while driving safely


Games against an Artificial Intelligence (inspired by classics: Power 3, Minesweeper, Bomber, Candy Crush) make it possible to perfect the stacking and the unstacking while having fun.

Simulator composition

A unique and upgradable model.

The simulator is mounted on wheels to facilitate its movement. It comes in a monoblock box. Screen(s), instructor PC and accessories are stored in a dedicated and secure box, located behind the seat. 

Components of the standard model (mobile):

  • Steel structure with lockable compartments
  • Seat on cylinders
  • Steering column (steering wheel, forward / reverse control)
  • Armrest with control box
  • 2 pedals crankset
  • Seatbelt
  • Central unit
  • Virtual reality headset
  • Movement tracking beacon for virtual reality headset
  • instructor PC laptop
  • 1 27’’ screen
  • 1 backup USB key

Adjustable parts:

  • Seat (front / rear adjustment)


4 additional screens and multi-screen switch / extender (for driving on screens)

Aluminum vs steel structure


possible personalization

option 1

Immerse yourself in your work environment

Modeling your work environment:

✓ Adaptation of the type of trolley, type of load (pallets, rollers, coils, parcels, bulk, barrels, containers …), type of pallet rack, type of environment (cold, factory, charterer …) and other objects specific to your activity .

✓ Photo and video tracking, taking measurements, then 3D modeling very similar to your working environment

option 2

Creating custom scenarios

Adaptation of scenarios according to your production requirements and in accordance with your safety specifications:

✓ our training engineering teams formalize a synopsis for each mission, which you validate.

✓ our teams of digital image-makers and engineers configure the simulator for a unique and totally efficient personalized experience.

option 3

Multi-physical stations with driving in a single place

Several drivers simultaneously, immersed in the same working environment:

✓ Real work behavior: learners can cross each other, slow down their driving to avoid collisions and work together with a productivity goal;

✓ Up to 12 simulators connected together, ie 12 learners training simultaneously.

✓ Number of unlimited e-learning tablets (on request)

option 4

Customize the simulator to your colors

✓ Add and customize a fairing