The simulation booth is a physical simulation tool developed by Audace. It was designed to be modular and to host, natively, any type of simulation software in the cabin (crane, bridge, gantry …) developed by Audace, while being removable for easy transport. It can be easily modified in case of need for other types of simulators.

The simulation booth has 7 4k2k screens that create an image-wall allowing a panoramic view and a view on the ground.

The cab is equipped with controls platform (dedicated to the needed simulator), a PC running 1080p FHD software and a trainer tablet.

It is mounted on wheels to facilitate its moving.

A few examples of our products

Modules of the cabin

PC FHD box module

This basic module displays content in Full HD (1080p)

The PC box is used to hold the computer equipment (PC, trainer tablet, network equipment), manage the power supply system of the simulator and support the weight of the learner in his seat.

Floor screen module

This module makes it possible to represent the window that can be located on the cabin ground. The 55-inch 4k2k screen is located beneath a 25mm thick plexiglass plate.

Dual screen module (x3)

3 modules allow complete immersion of the learner.

Each module contains two 60-inch 4k2k screens, as well as LED lighting systems on the uprights.

Single seat module

The cabin is equipped with a bucket seat and 2 control brackets. The control boxes can be easily removed to be replaced for another type of simulation.

Covering module

This module makes it possible to partition the cabin and to cover it with an opaque fabric, reinforcing the immersion.