Polar crane driving simulators for the nuclear industry
designed and distributed by Audace Digital Learning

Turnkey solution
for learning and improving
the driving of the polar crane driving
for the nuclear industry

Polar crane driving simulator in nuclear enclosure. Scale 1:1 modular cabin with glazing replaced by screens. Real pilot seat interfaced electronically to the simulation PC.Natural sound, interactions with avatars on the ground, manipulation of objects to prepare interventions.

Simlulator co-designed and distributed by Orano and Audace Digital Learning


  • Learners in initial training;
  • Polar crane drivers in recycling;
  • Polar crane drivers having practiced little and having to intervene urgently;
  • Polar crane drivers having to prepare a specific mission

Under the tutelage of a qualified trainer.

Learning goals

  • Skills validations to become a polar crane driver
  • Driving training in addition to training on real gear ;
  • Crane driving recycling;
  • Security: risk management training;
  • Productivity: learning to drive a crane in a given time.
  • Training on exceptional missions

Composition of the simulator

A unique and upgradable model. It is a monobloc simulator mounted on wheels to facilitate his moves. It is also, transportable as modules, each one individualy mounted on braked wheels.

Composition of the standard simulator

Modular simulation booth with

  • 7 4k2k screens that create a wall of images allowing a panoramic view and a view on the ground
  • Polar crane controls platform,
  • Central Unit (which runs software in 1080p FHD)
  • Training tablet.

It is mounted on wheels to facilitate its movement.

Adjustable parts

Seat (Front/Rear adjustment)



Engine kit for seat on cylinders (motion integration and vibrations reproduction)

Upgraded PC for 4k display

Replacing the modular cabin with screens by a combination single seat module + VR glasses

possible personalization

option 1

Immerse yourself in your work environment

workplace mapping:

✓ photo and video tracking, taking of measures, then  accurate 3D mapping of your work environment.


option 2

Creating custom scenarios

Adaptation of scenarios according to your production requirements and in accordance with your safety specifications:

✓ our training engineering teams formalize a synopsis for each mission, which you validate.

✓ our teams of digital image-makers and engineers configure the simulator for a unique and totally efficient personalized experience.

option 4

Customize the simulator to your colors

Logo add and customization