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E-learning training on a tablet + a simulation station

Turnkey solution
for learning and improving
the  driving of auxiliary cranes. 

An ultra-realistic immersion for a 

driving experience that is anything but virtual


  • Learners in initial training ;
  •  Crane operators undergoing refresher training
  • Crane operators who have some experience and having to intervene urgently;
  • Crane operators having to prepare for a specific ground-based driving

Under the supervision of a trainer authorized to provide training to the personnel of companies and industries.

Learning goals : 

  • Skills validation to become a ground-based driver of auxiliary cranes;
  • Ground-based driving initial training in addition to training on real gear;
  • Auxiliary cranes ground-based driving recycling;
  • Security: risk management training;
  • Productivity: learning to drive an auxiliary  crane in a given time.



  • Remote control learning
  • Learning the fixed station ;
  • Swing control  ;
  •  Mastering the pallet fork ;
  •  Handling of slung loads ;
  • Gestures and command 


Learning to pilot and swing control 


Timing on the course
Measurement of the swing

Simulator Composition

This simulator is provided with a physical equipment for standing position whose virtual reality headset, with crane command box

Components of the standard (mobile) model :

  • Button box
  • Portable central unit
  • Virtual reality headset
  • Transport case with wheels
  • Start up guide 

Pros :

– Robust equipment, with real controls.
– High-fidelity scenarios, approved by experts, guaranteeing an experience as close to real life as possible.
– Autonomous training, without logistical constraints or risk of damage and accidents.
– Personalized feedback for your trainees and trainers.

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Changeover from VIVE to PRO headset

Wireless headset 

Jumper cable holder