Driving simulators of lifting and handling equipment designed and distributed by Audace Digital Learning.

VR headset +  Simulation station 

turnkey solution
for the learning and improvement of the driving 
of mobile elevating work platforms

Audience : 

  • Driver undergoing refresher training for Mobile elevating work platforms
  •  Mobile elevating work platforms drivers who have little experience of driving on the ground and who must intervene urgently.
  • Initial training learners

Under the supervision of a trainer authorized to provide mobile elevating work platforms training to company/industry personnel

Learning goals : 

  • Validation of skills in the use and the driving of the basket truck 
  • Training to drive as part of an initial training course before training on a real machine (reduction in the time required to mobilize a real platform and greater availability of the trainers)
  • Refresher training in platform driving (no mobilization of a real platform)
  • Safety: Learning risk management
  • Productivity: learning how to drive mobile work platforms in a short time


  • Use of harness and PPE
  • Circulation/adequacy 
  • Command gestures
  • Positioning the basket in space
  • Maneuvering from the low position
  • Experience in a very high environment
  • Stabilization of MEWP 1B
  • Reaction to hazards

Composition of THE simulator

Composition of the standard model :
  • Button box
  • Portable central unit
  • Virtual reality headset
  • Transport case with wheels
Pros : 
  • Robust hardware, with actual controls.
  • High-fidelity scenarios, approved by business experts, guaranteeing an experience as close to reality as possible.
  • Training in autonomy, without logistical constraints or risk of material damage  or accidents.
  • Personalized feedback for your trainees and trainers.


option 1

Customization of the interface

✓ Add and customize.

option 2

Creation of specific scenarios

✓ Customization of scenarios depending on your requirements and in accordance to your safety specifications :

✓ Our training engineering teams create a synopsis per mission, which you validate.

✓ Our teams of digital directors and engineers configure the simulator for a unique and totally efficient customized experience.